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May 22, 2017

What to Expect with CoolSculpting in Chicago?

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Get rid of body fat with CoolSculpting in Chicago.Are you tired of unwanted body fat? Do you want a minimally invasive, effective treatment to get a trim, fit body? If so, CoolSculpting in Chicago may be right for you. This noninvasive fat-reduction procedure is an innovative way to transform your body without any surgery or downtime. Due to the benefits it offers, more than 4 million treatments have already been performed. Now, you can get rid of those love handles, muffin tops, and double chins with a simple procedure.

February 26, 2017

FAQs about the Best Laser Hair Removal in Chicago, IL

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Best laser hair removal in Chicago, IL.Are you tired of shaving or waxing unwanted body hair? Now, you can remove bothersome hair with laser hair removal in Chicago, IL. The Soprano ICE laser hair removal system is the first treatment of its kind that is truly painless while effective. We know that many are hesitant to try new procedures, which is why we have the facts you need about the revolutionary new procedure.

November 19, 2016

Stubborn Fat? Benefit from CoolSculpting in Chicago

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Enjoy CoolSculpting in Chicago.Do you have unwanted body fat? Have you tried eating right and exercising, but it still is not enough? If so, CoolSculpting in Chicago may be just the thing for you. Often referred to as “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret,” CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure to help you achieve a naturally trim appearance. As the only FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction procedure, you will see stubborn fat disappear using a safe and effective procedure. With more than 3,500,000 CoolSculpting procedures already performed around the world, you will experience the best option to remove body fat.

October 11, 2016

Anti-Aging Treatments and Cosmetic Fillers in Chicago, IL

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Benefit from cosmetic fillers in Chicago, IL.As you age, you will start to see noticeable signs of aging each year of life. Often, the most notable signs of aging appear on the surface of the skin. As early as 25 years old, you might start to see fine lines and sunspots appear. Over time, these blemishes will become more noticeable as the skin begins to lose elasticity and volume. Now, you do not have to live with the signs of aging. There are many simple, noninvasive cosmetic procedures that will help turn back the hands of time. At Natural Beauty Med Spa, we offer a number of anti-aging treatments, including cosmetic fillers in Chicago, IL.

September 15, 2016

For Skin Care, Chicago, IL, comes to Natural Beauty Med Spa

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Look your best with skin care Chicago, IL loves.You take pride in the way you look and do what’s necessary to look your best. Everyday, you try to get some exercise so your body stays healthy and strong. You eat a well-balanced diet of lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Finally, you cap off each day with a restful night of refreshing sleep. Despite these healthy steps, you may notice that your skin is beginning to show the signs of aging. Fortunately, there is a way to battle the march of time. Natural Beauty Med Spa offers a variety of skin care treatments and products to help you maintain that youthful glow. Right now for better skin care, Chicago, IL, residents can save 10 percent on all products!


August 15, 2016

Chicago Medical Spa Offers Special Skin Rejuvenation Package

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For the best in skin rejuvenation and care, Chicago medical spa offers a combo package for treatment. Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you could press the refresh button on your skin? Maybe just go back in a time a few years to when your skin looked smoother, firmer and generally more youthful. The truth is—you can. At Natural Beauty Med Spa, the Chicago medical spa that more residents trust, we offer a number of skin rejuvenation procedures that can take years off of the appearance of your skin. Right now, we are offering 50 percent off a combo of any skin rejuvenation package! Hurry—this is a limited time offer! Here are just a few of the skin rejuvenation treatments available at Natural Beauty Med Spa.


July 29, 2016

Save Money on Pain Free Hair Removal in Chicago (And More)

hair removal in chicagoIt’s been a long summer, and it’s been hotter than ever here in Illinois. If these sweltering months have left your facial skin in need of a little boost, this news is for you: Natural Beauty Med Spa is offering a 30 percent discount on skin rejuvenation and pain free hair removal in Chicago! Each procedure is sure to leave you feeling fresher and more confident than ever before. And when you undergo the two treatments together? It’s an unbeatable combination.


June 14, 2016

For Lipomassage™, Chicago Comes to Natural Beauty Med Spa

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lipomassage ChicagoCellulite. It’s completely harmless to your health, but it can bruise your ego—especially if you happen to be spending a day at the beach this summer. Actually, cellulite is nothing more than fat that is below your skin. Because this fat is pressing against connective tissue, it can cause the skin above to pucker. At Natural Beauty Med Spa in Chicago, Lipomassage by Endermologie® can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and make skin appear firmer.


May 26, 2016

Getting Ready for Summer Time at Your Chicago Med Spa!

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Get yourself summer ready at your Chicago Med Spa!We all want to look our best, but let’s face it, even with the right diet, nutrition, and regular exercise, we may still need a little help achieving the look we’ve always dreamed of or had once upon a time. With summer rapidly approaching, now is the time to visit your Natural Beauty Med Spa, which is your premiere Chicago med spa owned and operated by highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Irvin M. Wiesman. We offer numerous services to help you prepare for summer and the months beyond by achieving your goals for your appearance.


April 23, 2016

What You Can Expect From Your First Visit to The Chicago Med Spa

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Visiting the Chicago Med Spa for the first time? Here’s what you can expect.Life is hectic! Our schedules are only getting busier and our stress levels seem to be increasing all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to take it an hour or two just for yourself? Give yourself the chance to relax, recharge and rejuvenate? That’s what you can expect from your first visit to Natural Beauty Med Spa, a chance to relax and treat yourself to a service that will help you be at your best once again. Here are just a few the services you can choose from. We guarantee that once you visit this premiere Chicago Med Spa, you won’t want to leave!


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