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Pixel Perfect™ - Laser Skin Resurfacing

This client was bitten by a dog and was left with a scar near her eye. After receiving 4 Laser resurfacing treatments this was her end results

What is Skin Resurfacing?

If you’ve ever had a facial, you probably know the dramatic transformation they have on your skin. The main reason your skin looks so great is exfoliation. By removing your outer layers of skin cells, exfoliation reveals the healthier cells below. Skin Resurfacing works in much the same way. By removing several layers of damaged skin, newer, undamaged skin cells are revealed. Skin resurfacing has various ranges and uses, but they are all leave you with firm, smooth skin. Dr. Irvin offers innovative skin resurfacing technologies including micro peels, erbium laser resurfacing and RF laser resurfacing.

Have you always desired picture-perfect skin? Look no further because Pixel is perfect for you!

Alma Lasers’ Pixel Perfect™ technology targets damaged skin while leaving surrounding, healthy tissue intact. By stimulating the production of new collagen, it dramatically improves your skin's texture and tone.

Pixel Perfect™ technology creates thousands of microscopic perforations while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The Pixel® laser light passes through patented optics to penetrate the skin with tiny thermal channels, only as deep as a few sheets of paper. These micro-injury sites begin healing and, as collagen remodels, scars begin to fade, and texture starts to improve.

Benefits of Pixel Perfect™:

While downtime is determined by your skincare professional, it is common to allow 4 to 7 days of healing. This safe one hour procedure will have your skin back to its natural beauty in one to four treatments.

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