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CO2Lift Pro – Chicago, IL

Carbon Dioxide Delivers Fresher Skin

Here at Natural Beauty Med Spa, Dr. Wiesman and our team are all about helping patients feel great in their own skin. Often, that involves improving the appearance of said skin. We offer several treatments to that end, including the remarkable CO2Lift Pro in Chicago. This remarkable skin mask harnesses the power of carbon dioxide to fight the signs of aging and help you enjoy a youthful, confident glow.

What Is CO2Lift?

CO2Lift Pro product shown with grapefruit

CO2Lift in Chicago is a skin rejuvenation mask that uses the power of carbon dioxide to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, textural imbalances, dark circles, and enlarged pores. Carbon dioxide is an effective skincare ingredient because, unlike many ingredients that are commonly used in anti-aging products, it is very effective at penetrating the skin. Its remarkable absorbability, combined with its ability to deliver oxygen molecules to targeted areas in your body, results in a youthful, glowing complexion.

CO2Lift is often used as a standalone treatment, but it may also be recommended as a follow-up treatment for individuals who have recently undergone a chemical peel.

How CO2Lift Works

Woman applying CO2Lift Pro to her face

CO2Lift is an at-home treatment for skin rejuvenation in Chicago, so you can take advantage of it at a time that is most convenient to you. Here is an overview of how to use it:

Many people notice great results after just one application of CO2Lift. However, for maximum skin rejuvenation, you may choose to do 3 – 7 treatments spaced about one week apart, with maintenance applications once a month thereafter.

Benefits of CO2Lift

Woman applying CO2Lift Pro in front of mirror

Some top benefits of CO2Lift include:

Are you interested in discovering what CO2Lift may be able to do for you? Contact us today to learn more about this treatment.