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To enhance your daily skin care regimen, which may typically include cleanser, toner and moisturizer, consider a MicroPeel from the team at Natural Beauty Med Spa. This mild chemical skin peel softens and smooths your skin, evens skin tone, reduces pore size and can even make fine wrinkles less noticeable.

A MicroPeel does not penetrate the skin deeply the way some other types of chemical peels do. So, while this procedure is not appropriate for treating facial scars and wrinkles, it does remove the outer layer of skin to create a fresher and more youthful appearance.

The MicroPeel Chicago Goes For

At Natural Beauty Med Spa, your skin is first gently washed and cleaned of makeup and other pollutants before your MicroPeel. Then this exclusive three step epidermal exfoliation process can begin.

The first step is dermaplaning, which is a manual exfoliation technique preformed to remove dead skin cells from the epidermis. Next, an acid solution is applied to the skin. Known as a chemical peel, this solution is a combination of two percent lactic acid and 20 or 30 percent glycolic acid, which desquamate cellular tissues. You may feel a slight burning or itching sensation when this solution is applied, but that usually dissipates quickly.

We use cryogenic therapy, a freezing process that immediately relieves inflammation and any reddening of the skin. Lastly, a high-quality moisturizing cream is applied to prevent dry skin. After a MicroPeel, you can immediately put on your makeup and continue with your daily routine.

Through the use of this 3 step process, the skin is given the ability to intake oxygen more efficiently as well as to stimulate the production of new skin cells at a faster rate. This allows for a more youthful and fresher appearance on a day to day basis.

For optimal results, the experts at Natural Beauty Med Spa usually recommend having several MicroPeels that are spread over the course of a few months. Each time you have a MicroPeel, dull and lifeless cells are removed. After you’ve completed a full round of MicroPeels, maintenance MicroPeels are usually scheduled every one to three months. With these regularly scheduled treatments, you can look forward to always having skin that belies your age.

Call Natural Beauty Med Spa in Chicago, IL, to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if MicroPeel is right for you.